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Avoid using the Metro as much as possible. It just isn't safe. If you must use it, do so only during the day. The speedy trains traverse the city between Palo Verde in the east and Propatria in the west, with connecting north–south lines from Capitolio and Plaza Venezuela. One-way tickets, which can be purchased in all stations, are Bs.F0.50, depending on distance traveled. Save your ticket; you'll need it to exit the turnstile out of the station. If you plan to use the Metro frequently, opt for the convenience of a multi abono card (Bs.F4.50), valid for 10 rides anywhere on the system. These cards save you the hassle of waiting in long lines for individual tickets. (The stations' automated ticket-vending machines are frequently out of order.) Route maps are posted at ticket booths and inside each car, but not on the platforms. The Metro operates daily 4:30 am–11 pm. Cars get very crowded during the 6–9 and 5–8 rush hours.

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