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There are two inconveniently located and exceedingly unsavory public bus terminals serving Caracas. For travel to destinations west of the city, buses leave from Terminal La Bandera. The Terminal del Oriente serves destinations to the eastern part of the country. Far more convenient—and much safer—is the servicio especial (special service) offered by Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos. All buses depart from the company's own clean, quiet terminal in the Bello Campo district. Two other reliable private companies are Expresos del Oriente and Expresos Alianza.

Clean, air-conditioned buses called MetroBus leave all Metro stops for areas outside the reach of the subway system. The cost is Bs.F0.70. If used within four hours of purchase, a ticket is also valid for a one-way ride on the Metro. Smaller public buses called carritos or por puestos connect all parts of the city, but they are no quicker in heavy traffic.

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