Bus Travel

Montevideo's public buses are a great alternative to taxis, which can be difficult to find during peak hours. Buses crisscross the entire city 24 hours a day. You don't need exact change, and the price for any trip within Montevideo is only 213 pesos.

Colonia is serviced by several regional bus lines, including Cot and TURIL. The three-hour ride costs less than 400 pesos.

Bus Contacts

COT. 2409–4949; www.cot.com.uy.

Terminal Tres Cruces. Bulevar General Artigas 1825, Centro, Montevideo, Montevideo, 11100. 2401–8998; www.trescruces.com.uy.

Turil. 477–1990; www.turil.com.uy.

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