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Mysteries in the Desert: Marvel over the mysterious Nazca Lines, giant shapes and figures etched into the desert floor by an enigmatic ancient civilization and best seen from the sky.

Island Life: Boats cruise around the Islas Ballestas for viewing sea lions, condors, flamingos, and millions of guano-producing seabirds in the Paracas National Reserve.

Wine and Pisco Tasting: Go wine tasting in the grape-growing valleys near Lunahuaná, Chincha, and Ica and sample Peru's most famous drink, pisco, in the best bodegas(traditional wineries).

Seaside Luxury: Sprawling luxury coastal resorts have sprung up in Paracas. Kick back at the spa or infinity pool and enjoy these posh palaces as bases for exploring area attractions.

Sandboarding: Test your nerve and skill by sandboarding down the giant dunes at the oasis town of Huacachina, then nurse your injuries in the lagoon's magical healing waters.

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