Some of Peru’s festivals and events provide a good reason to choose a particular time of year to travel, notably Carnivál in February and town anniversary celebrations in Chivay (June) and August (Arequipa).

Corso de Amistad. August 15 is the anniversary of the city's founding—in 2015 it will be 475 years old—and each year thousands take to the streets all day for the big parade, with music, dancing, traditional costumes, and decorated floats. Arequipa, Arequipa. 054/223–265.

Virgin de la Candelaria. Vast numbers of singers, dancers, and marching bands parade through the streets, accompanying the statue of the Virgin in early February each year in one of Peru's biggest celebrations. You'll also see a huge range of traditional dances, performed in colorful costumes. Puno, Puno. www.facebook.com/virgencandelaria.

Virgin del Carmen. In mid-July, each end of the Colca Canyon has two days of celebrations to mark this festival, with singing, dancing, bullfights, food and drink, and parades in Chivay and Cabanaconde. After night falls, impressive fireworks light up the sky. Chivay, Arequipa. .

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