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The road between Arequipa and Puno has been paved, so instead of 20 hours the trip now takes only about six. Service is also good between Puno and Cusco, and so is the road between Puno and Copacabana in Bolivia. Cruz del Sur (www.cruzdelsur.com.pe), CIVA, Inka Express, Flores, and OrmeƱo (www.grupo-ormeno.com.pe/ormeno.php) have offices in Puno and Arequipa, and each runs daily buses between the two cities. For your comfort and safety, take the best service you can afford; some (but not all) of the nicer ones are also free of the loud music that blares on most buses for the entire journey. There is also the potential for crime on night buses; choosing a reputable company can help avoid this. Several bus companies sell tickets that go direct, so buy one of those or be prepared for a long slog, during which drivers stop for every passerby. Bus stations in Peru are known for crime, mostly theft of your belongings, so always hold on to your bags.

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