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The Ancient World: Along the coast, Moche pyramids and undulating Chimú parapets date as far back as the time of Christ. In the highlands are Wari sites, as well as Kuélap, a stunning complex built by the Chachapoyans a thousand years before Machu Picchu.

Superb Eating: The North Coast offers one of Peru’s richest regional cuisines. Abundant shellfish and extensive pre-Columbian influences make for some of the country's most delectable dishes.

Outdoor Adventure: The Northern Highlands provide plenty of trekking, climbing, and rafting, especially around Huaraz, home of the highest mountains outside the Himalayas.

Colonial Architecture: Trujillo, on the coast, and Cajamarca, in the highlands, are the two top spots for colonial architecture.

Beaches: The extreme North Coast offers year-round sun, white-sand beaches, and a relaxed, tropical atmosphere.

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