A&R Tours. Ayacucho is surrounded by archaeological ruins and natural wonders, all of which can be viewed on a package tour. A&R Tours has city excursions and routes to Huari, Quinua, Valle Huanta, and Vilcashuamán. Jr. 9 de Diciembre 130, Ayacucho, Ayacucho. 066/311–300; From S/60.

Dargui Tours. This outfitter offers multiday tours of the region, with a focus on the archaeological ruins around Huancayo. Jr. Ancash 367, Plaza de la Constitución, Huancayo, Junín. 01/422–7137; From S/55.

Incas del Perú. Around Huancayo, you can hike, bike, and explore local villages with the amazing Incas del Perú, which also has a Spanish-language school, book exchange, and folk-art collection. The company will also arrange volunteering and hiking throughout the Mantaro Valley and high jungle, as well as music, cooking, weaving, and gourd-carving workshops. Jr. José Gálvez 400, Huancayo, Junín. 064/393–298; From S/50.

Max Adventures. For standard day tours around Tarma, including adventure activities like rappelling and mountain biking, call Max Adventures. It also offers multiday trips to the Reserva Nacional de Junín and high jungle around Chanchamayo, including Oxapampa and Villarica. Jr. 2 de Mayo 682, Tarma, Junín. 994/973–286; From S/50.

Perla Tours. Veteran outfitter Perla Tours specializes in day-trips around Tarma, with stops like the Gruta de Huagapo cave, as well as longer trips into the central jungle. Jr. Moquegua 615, Tarma, Junín. 998/080–812; From S/45.

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