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Lima is the country’s travel hub. Ormeño, Cruz del Sur, and Expresa Molina, among others, run overnight services (10 hours) from Lima to Ayacucho. Likewise, ETUCSA, Ormeño, Cruz del Sur, and Expresa Molina have many daily buses between Huancayo and Lima (7 hours). You can also reach Huancayo from Ayacucho (12 hours) by overnight service on Turismo Central and Expresa Molina—but prepare for a very rough road. Expresa Molina and Empresa Hidalgo have buses to Huancavelica. GM international has overnight service (7 hours) between Huánuco and Lima. Colectivos (shared taxis) travel between the central highland cities, and can be much quicker though slightly more expensive than bus travel. The location of these paraderos (taxi stops) changes, so ask your hotel receptionist for directions.

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