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Travelers can find information about Lima and the rest of Peru at iPerú, which has English- and Spanish-language materials. The city runs the Oficina de Información Turística, or Tourist Information Office, in the rear of the Municipalidad de Lima.


iPerú. Av. Jorge Basadre 610, San Isidro, Lima, 27. 01/421–1627;

iPerú. Larcomar, Malecón de la Reserva and Av. José Larco, Level 2, Stand 225, Miraflores, Lima, Lima, 18. 01/234–0340;

Oficina de Información Turística - Bienvenido a Lima. Pje. Nicolás de Ribera 145, El Centro, Lima, Lima, 01. 01/632–1542;

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