Inti Raymi

Inti is the Quechua name for the sun, which the Inca worshipped. Inca rulers were considered to be descended from Inti, thus legitimizing their authority over the people. The most important festival was Inti Raymi, held on June 24, marking the winter solstice and the beginning of the new year. Each June, Cusco is once again home to the Inti Raymi celebration, which begins at the Qorikancha with dances and processions, making its way to Sacsayhuamán, where a variety of ceremonies are performed. There is a cost to the festivities at Sacsayhuamán, but those held in the center of Cusco are free. If you plan to travel to Peru at this time, reservations should be made well ahead of time because of the influx of visitors.

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