Paraguay's country code is 595. To call Paraguay, dial the country code, then the area code, omitting the first 0.

Local numbers in urban areas have six digits; a few in Asunción and Ciudad del Este have seven digits. Rural numbers may carry as few as three or four digits. When calling between communities, precede the local number with the three- or four-digit area code. Cellular numbers have area codes beginning with "09." (The country is undergoing a very slow process of making the number of digits in phone numbers and area codes uniform.) For local operator assistance, dial 010. For directory assistance, dial 112.

The privatized national telephone company, the Compañía Paraguaya de Comunicaciones (COPACO), has offices in most cities and towns where you can place local and international calls. To place an international call, dial 002 followed by country code, area code and local number. Calls to the United States cost about G4,000 per minute; G5,000 to Canada; and G6,000 to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Lines can become congested at peak hours. If you're calling from a hotel, be sure to hang up if there's no answer for about 20 seconds; otherwise, you'll be charged for a three-minute call.

Paraguay has few phone booths, but numerous private telephone offices let you make calls. Look for teléfonos públicos or cabinas telefónicas signs.

An unlocked GSM cell phone is your best option for mobile communication in Paraguay. You can purchase phone cards from Claro, Tigo, and Personal, the country's three cellular providers.

Access Codes

AT&T. 008–11–800.

British Telecom. 008–44–800.

Canada Direct. 008–14–800.

MCI. 008–12–800.

Sprint. 008–13–800.

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