Entry Requirements

Citizens of the United Kingdom may enter Paraguay for 90 days with a valid passport that has at least six months' remaining validity. U.S., Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand citizens must obtain a visa before arrival. Embassies in Washington and Ottawa require your application to include your passport with at least six months' remaining validity, two passport-size photos, and the visa form (downloadable in PDF format from their Web sites). Paraguayan embassies in South American capitals might also ask for copies of your bank statements and confirmed flight itineraries. Fees, payable in U.S. dollars only, are $45 for a single-entry visa and $65 for multiple entries. There is no Paraguayan representation in Australia or New Zealand. Most travelers from those countries obtain their visas in another South American capital.


Embassy of Paraguay. 151 Slater St., , Suite 501, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5H3. 613/567–1283; 613/567–1679; www.embassyofparaguay.ca.

Embassy of Paraguay. 2400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20008. 202/483–6960; 202/234–4508; www.embaparusa.gov.py.

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