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Port Stanley

The rows of hillside houses in Stanley, also known as Port Stanley, may remind you of a Scottish fishing village. Some of the cheerful-looking homes with brightly painted corrugated-iron roofs were built with wood salvaged from storm-damaged ships that sought refuge in Stanley Harbour. SUVs are the local vehicle of choice, and drivers slowly cruise these narrow streets, for Stanley has no traffic lights.

One of the best ways to sample Stanley's many interesting sights is to walk westward along Ross Road, the town's main thoroughfare, beginning at the Jetty Visitors Centre on the Public Jetty.

Stanley Harbour is one of the largest graveyards for 19th-century ships in the world. There are 20 battered hulks in various stages of dilapidation along the 11-km (7-mile) self-guided walk on the path near the harbor. Signposts identify many of the wrecks' skeletal hulls and masts, a lasting legacy of lost battles with legendary Cape Horn storms.

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