Falkland Islands Travel Guide
  • Plan Your Falkland Islands Vacation

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Plan Your Falkland Islands Vacation

The Falklands are a wild and unique destination, a sweep of islands where sheep graze peacefully next to penguins and an astonishing range of wildlife far outnumber humans. And therein lies the draw: at this nature-lovers' paradise you can get close to elephant seals, sea lions, and vast colonies of penguins, observe hundreds of bird species—including the elusive albatross—hike along unspoiled beaches, whale watch from a sea kayak, dive into dramatic shipwrecks, and fish for wild salmon. Most Falklanders live in Stanley, the capital (also known as Port Stanley), and the rest reside in the picturesque remote seaside hamlets that dot the islands.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Whale Ahoy! The elusive orca and playful porpoises put in appearances during summertime frolics.
  2. Find It at the Source While you're here at the end of the world, stock up on toasty-warm Falklands wool sweaters and caps.
  3. Beachcombing With the Tuxedoes Six varieties of penguins ready to welcome (or ignore) you as you walk among them. No tux required.
  4. Eat Like a Bear You've not fished till you've landed you own salmon fresh from the source.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: November to February The Falkland Islands are in the southern hemisphere so winter is during the northern hemisphere summers...

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