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Aeropuerto El Dorado, a 40-minute taxi ride northwest of downtown, has flights to national and international destinations.

The massive Terminal de Transportes, where long-distance buses arrive and depart, looks more like an airport than a bus station. It's where you'll find all major bus companies (and plenty of thieves, so watch your bags). Buses depart for other major cities about every hour. Since buses are the most common means of transportation for Colombians, they are often more comfortable than those in the United States.

Official yellow taxis are everywhere in Bogotá and are quite cheap. You'll also see plenty of larger white SUV's about, which are smaller, private companies that work with Uber and can only be hailed with the app on your smartphone. The yellow cabs are required by law to have meters: check that it's switched on and that there's a laminated A4 card displayed that lists the pricing. While most drivers are honest, it's worth checking the card to remove any temptation to fudge the figures. There's an additional surcharge for nights, Sundays, and airport trips, with amounts also marked on the card. At the airport, ignore any free agents and head straight to the official queue of yellow cabs.

Avoid grabbing taxis in the street. Isn't worth the risk, as robbery by fake taxi drivers remains an issue, and the additional cost of ordering by phone or using a local app like Tappsi or EasyTaxi (around 600 pesos) is minimal. You can also ask your hotel or restaurant to call a cab; both options remove any potential language barriers. Uber works well in the city, too. It's much more comfortable, albeit somewhat more expensive, than other services.

Renting a car of your own to get around the city is not worth it, since traffic is chaotic and taxis are cheap and easy to obtain. For longer trips in the region, driving can be a fantastic experience—just make sure to leave before peak morning and afternoon work rush hours, particularly Friday afternoons when many Bogotanos head out of the city.

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