Top Reasons to Go to Santiago

The Andes: Towering, jagged peaks over 4,572 meters high keep you oriented in Santiago, where "uptown" is always due east, toward the mountains.

Great crafts markets: Fine woolen items, lapis lazuli jewelry, carved wooden and terra-cotta bowls, and other handicrafts from the length of the country are bountiful in Santiago.

Vibrant food scene: Never considered a gourmet destination, change is afoot in Santiago. Restaurants showcase some of Chile’s finest agricultural products with innovative and traditional preparations, and many local ingredients are now given reputable "Denomination of Origin" status.

World-class wineries: Santiago is in the Maipo Valley, the country's oldest wine-growing area, home to some of Chile's largest and most traditional wineries. Concha y Toro and Santa Rita are within an hour's drive of the city, as is the lovely Casablanca Valley.

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Top Reasons to Go to Santiago

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Top Reasons to Go to Santiago

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