There are several ways visitors arrange tours on Easter Island. Book it all ahead of time before setting foot on the island, which is recommended even for the plan-averse, especially for more strenuous, time consuming hikes or horseback rides to the north coast and Poike. Fans of the all-inclusive experience opt for hotel-based tours, while more spontaneous travelers can arrange tours on-site with hotels and, agencies, which can get you on tours the following, or even same day, depending on the activity.

Otherwise, simply wander the streets of Hanga Roa, looking for storefronts that offer tours, which can also yield good results, but may not be the most time-efficient and keeps you away from some of the smaller, more innovative agencies that don’t have them. Sernatur, the local tourist office has fairly extensive knowledge of options and opportunities and can point you in the right direction.

Easter Island Traveling. An unlikely transplant to Easter Island, Marcus Edensky, a Swedish man married to a Rapa Nui woman, runs some of the best-reviewed tours on the island. He's always been an outdoorsman, and leads multiday hiking tours, horseback riding, and spiritual tours, among others, often on the north coast. He speaks Swedish, Spanish, English, and Rapa Nui. Easter Island Traveling specializes in small group tours, and the north coast tour ends (optionally) with tunu ahi, or food cooked directly on hot rocks. Private day-long hiking tours cost 105,000 pesos, three-day adventure tours start at 210,000 pesos, both with a two-person minimum. Policarpo Toro, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 2770000. From 69,000 pesos.

Kava Kava Tours. This local company runs small full- and half-day tours taking in major sites, including moai and caves. One of its half-day tours goes to Puna Pau, the quarry from which the red stone topknots that sat atop the moai were carved. Another day-long tour goes around the Poike Peninsula, the oldest part of the island, and one of two areas open to hikers or people on horseback with guides only and not accessible by vehicle. Av. Ana Tehe Tama, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 2770000. 9/9352–4972; From 25,000 pesos.

Kia Koe. One of the largest and oldest tour companies on the island, this company runs full- and half-day excursions with pick-up and drop-off from some of the major hotels. Av. Atamu Tekena s/n, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 2770000. 3/2210–0852; From 25,000 pesos.

Makemake Tours & Rental. A metal sculpture of a bike signals the entrance to this shop, slightly hidden from the street. It rents mountain bikes and surfboards, both to use alone or with a guide and instructor. Guided walks, private tours, snorkeling, and boat and fishing tours are also available. A mountain bike rental runs 11,000 pesos for eight hours, 13,000 pesos for a day, and 21,000 pesos for two days. A guided day-tour on mountain bike is 26,000, and a horseback-riding tour over the north coast is 80,000 pesos per person, with a two-person minimum. Atanu Tekena s/n, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 277000. 3/2255–2030. From 26,000 pesos.

Rapa Nui Travel. This large tour company, which runs the usual half- and full-day tours, has been awarded a seal of tourism quality by the local tourism board. The office is just beside the Hotel Gomero, with whom it works. Av. Tu'u Koihu s/n, Hanga Roa, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 2770000. 3/2210–0548; From 25,000 pesos.

Toki Tour Aventura. In addition to group and private tours by car, van, or foot, this company rus a tour that follows the route the moai traversed (with help from humans) from Rano Rakaru quarry to some of their final resting places. Another day-long or half-day tour visits Orongo ceremonial village. Travelers need to pay for national parks entry separately, which is easiest to do upon arrival to Easter Island. Toki Tour Aventura also rents cars. Av. Pont s/n, Hanga Roa, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Valparaíso, 2770000. 9/8205–9721; 9/9810–0604.

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