Planning Your Time

With daily international flights to Miami and an extensive web of internal flights across Brazil, Manaus is the gateway to the Amazon. While the city itself is practical and continually modernizing, it lacks much of the charm of Belém and warrants little more than a day’s exploring before heading off to a jungle lodge or departing on a river cruise. In contrast, plan to spend a few days soaking up Belém's vibrant parks, museums, and culinary and music scene.

Travelers should allow a minimum of 4–5 days in the Amazon to visit a single destination, using the Manaus or Belém airport as a hub for connecting flights to smaller airports like Santarém or Tefe, or as a jumping-off point to one of the lodges accessible by boat or car. If you have more time, consider combining a jungle lodge or boat trip with a few days of city exploration, and then head to one of the Amazon’s famed white-sand beaches, such as Alter do Chão, to unwind.

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