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Private bus companies connect Bolivia’s major cities. Because of the often poor roads, bus journeys can be very slow–a trip from La Paz to Santa Cruz, for example, can take more than 24 hours. Securing a seat is usually no problem, though you should reserve at least a day in advance for the long and tedious rides between La Paz, Sucre, Potosí, and Santa Cruz. The best way to do this is either through an agency or by going to the bus terminals themselves.

From Copacabana to La Paz, Turisbus has buses departing daily at 1:30 and the cost is (Bs)25 for the three-hour trip. There are also public buses departing from Plaza Sucre in Copacabana every hour, but they are uncomfortable, make multiple stops along the way, and take nearly four hours. It is safer to buy a ticket from one of the agencies on Plaza Sucre that operate tourist buses rather than pay less for one of the public buses that are prone to crime. Minivans and shared cars run most shorter routes and are often quicker than a bus, and certainly more comfortable than the older local buses. However, they don’t follow a schedule and leave only when full.

Bus Companies

Expreso Mopar. La Paz, 02/228–4585; www.mopar.com.bo.

Trans Copacabana. Av. Luis Uriona 1936. , Cochabamba, Cochabamba. 04/459--1818; 04/423–5929; www.transcopacabanasa.com.

Turisbus. Av. Illampu 704, La Paz, La Paz. 02/279--8786; www.turisbus.com.

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