Bus Companies

Todo Turismo. If you plan to bus from La Paz to Uyuni, this is the only real option. You can find cheaper alternatives, but they use older, less comfortable buses that get very cold at night and are much more prone to breaking down. Av. Uruguay 102, Edificio Paula Piso 1, Ofic. #06 (next to La Paz Bus Station), 02/211–9418;

Tour Companies

Atacama Mistica. This excellent Chilean operation leaves from San Pedro de Atacama and crosses the Atacama desert before entering Bolivia, beginning with the white, green, and red lagoons and on the third day arriving in Uyuni. The accommodations offered are basic. Calle Caracoles 238, San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta. 055/285–1966;

Candelaria Tours. Although offering tours all around Bolvia, this Sucre-based company is best for tours around the city, including Tarabuco. They also offer one or two day trips to Potosí. Prices are per person based on a group of four. J.J. Perez 301, Sucre, Chuquisaca. 04/644–0340; From $95 USD.

Condor Trekkers. This is the best company in Sucre for outdoor adventures and trekking. Tours are run by a local guide and a trained international volunteer. Condor is a 100% nonprofit organization, with all money going to support the local communities that they hike through. Treks range from one to four days, and are usually tent based, including a two-day trip to Tarabuco. Calle Calvo 102 at Bolivar, Sucre, Chuquisaca. 7289–1740; From 43 USD.

Cordillera Traveller. A cross-border company, operating in Chile and Bolivia, Cordillera offers tours for every budget level. Six-person, basic accommodation tours run both ways, with Utuni or San Pedro de Atacama as a starting point. The luxurious, fully customizable four-person tours (from $2,320 USD) leave only from Chile and include more comfortable accommodations at the Tayka Group of hotels. Av. Ferroviaria s/n, Uyuni, Potosí. 7388–5009; From 185 USD.

Fremen Tours. Along with sister company, Andes-Amazonia, Fremen offers excellent coverage of the entire country. In the South, highlights include a four-day trip to Sucre and Potosí, a three-day trip to Torotoro, and an alternate version of the standard Salar trip, leaving from Tupiza. Calle Tumusla 245, Cochabamba, Cochabamba. 04/425–9392; From $290 USD.

Hidalgo Tours. Focused on small, private tours, Hidalgo offers good Sucre and Potosí programs and their Salar de Uyuni trips are high end, with at least one night in the Hotel Palacio de Sal. There is an option to begin in Uyuni and end right on the Argentine border. Prices are per person, based on four people. Calle La Paz, Corner of Matos, Potosí, Potosí. 02/622–5186; From $1,037 USD.

Kanoo Tours. These guys are master organizers. They will plan and manage your entire trip, all by mail and well before you arrive on Bolivian soil. Wherever you want to go, they will find the right transport, tour agency, and hotel to fit your budget and style. For Salar de Uyuni tours they use the highly recommended Red Planet Expedition. Calle Illampu 832, La Paz, La Paz. 02/246–0003; From $76 USD.

Magri Turismo. This is a solid option for both cultural tours and more adventure focused travel. They are extremely broad in scope, even offering a tour for the classical music festival held annually in the Jesuit missions near Santa Cruz. Calle Capitán Ravelo 2101, La Paz, La Paz. 591/02–244–2727; From $430 USD.

Nick's Adventures Bolivia. Based in Santa Cruz, Nick's offers a whole range of tours, best known for wildlife and outdoors options (including birding and fishing) but also historic and cultural tours. Smart and conscientious, they are known for high-quality, friendly service. Equipetrol 8 East, #11, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz. 03/344–1820; From $105 USD.

Red Planet Expeditions. One of the highest-rated companies for Salar de Uyuni tours, Red Planet offers safe, high-quality expeditions that run from 1 to 12 days and go as far as San Pedro de Atacama or Villazon on the Argentine border. With a little persuasion, they can be flexible with departure times—try to head off from Uyuni early in the morning to catch the sunrise out on the Salar. They have a minivan that does the La Paz–Uyuni route, and they offer a four-day tour leaving from Potosí. Av. Sucre s/n between Av. Potosi and Av. Ferroviaria, Uyuni, Potosí. 7240–3896; From $260 USD.

Ruta Verde. This Santa Cruz–based operator has quickly built a reputation as one of the best around. The sights around Santa Cruz are very well covered, particularly the Amboro National Park. Three-day tours to the Salar are rather decadent, with only two people per vehicle and a choice between basic accommodations ($445 USD per person) or the more upscale Tayka Hotels ($636 USD per person). Calle 21 de Mayo, #318, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz. 03/339–6470; From $445 USD.

Toñito Tours. Specialists in southwest Bolivia, Toñito has a solid commitment to the local community, and as a bonus, the restaurant attached to their hotel in Uyuni makes killer pizza. Av. Ferroviaria 152, Uyuni, Potosí. 02/693–2094; From $250 USD.

Tupiza Tours. Originally based in Tupiza, this company is the best choice for anyone coming from Tarija or Argentina. The staff and guides are friendly and welcoming, and the food is better than most. This alternate route for the Salar, besides being less traveled and offering more sights, also allows for predawn departures, making for a magical start to your tour. Av. Chichas 187, Tupiza, Potosí. 02/694–3003; 02/224–5254; From $220 USD.

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