Most tour operators leave from La Paz and spend at least one night in Copacabana or La Isla del Sol.

Tour Operators

Crillón Tours. Beyond a few shorter tours, Crillon stands out for offering one of the most complete two-day tours, including Moon Island, Sun Island (where you overnight in their eco lodge), and Huatajata. They have a strong cultural, community focus with plenty of stops at small artisan markets and visits to local families. Av. Camacho 1223, Zona Central, La Paz, La Paz. 02/233–7533; From $155 USD.

Turisbus. Leaving from La Paz, Puno, or Copacabana, Turisbus offers the standard two-day trip with time on Sun Island and Copacabana, overnighting at the Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca, which has spectacular views over the bay. They also offers shorter, more independant full-day and half-day trips that can be taken from Copacabana. Calle Illampu 704, Zona Central, La Paz, La Paz. 02/245–1658; 02/245–1341; From (Bs)490.

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