Horseback Riding

Cabalgata (horseback riding) is an enjoyable and natural way to explore the mountains west of Mendoza. You can ride to the foot of Aconcagua or Tupungato, or follow the hoofprints of General San Martín on a seven-day trip over the Andes.

Cordon del Plata. Horseback experiences, ranging from one-day treks to week-long tours, are organized by Cordon del Plata; combination riding/hiking/rafting trips and mountain-biking excursions are available, too. 261/423–7423;

Trekking Travel. Offering everything from one-day excursions to11-day trips that take you across the Andes, this outfitter can accommodate beginner and expert riders alike. 261/421–0450; 261/15–306–8707;