Top Reasons to Go to Mendoza and the Wine Regions

Scenic Wonders: Wherever you go—over the pass to Chile, north to San Juan, south to San Rafael—the sight of those towering Andean peaks never ceases to amaze.

Fun in the Sun: This sun-soaked land will delight, whether you pedal a bike along flat vineyard roads, ride a horse along Andean trails, or ski down challenging slopes.

Bed and Bodega: Country inns with gourmet restaurants, vineyard visits and tastings, cooking classes, and discussions with oenologists make wine touring a pure pleasure.

Food and Wine: Some of Argentina's premier chefs have left coastal resorts and Buenos Aires’ bistros behind, choosing to relocate to wine-country inns and bodegas.

Unique Terroir: All the big-name wineries have planted in the high-altitude region of the Valle de Uco, where grapes ripen slowly and varietals show tremendous fruitiness.

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