Hotel prices in Salt Lake City run the gamut, but on average the prices are a bit lower than in most major cities. You can pay $100–$350 a night for a room in a major business hotel, though some "value" hotel rooms go for $50–$75, and budget motels are also readily available. Weekend packages at city hotels can cut prices in half (but may not be available in peak winter or summer seasons). As a rule, costs outside cities are lower, except in the deluxe resorts, where costs can be double those anywhere else in the state. Look for senior and kids' discounts at many attractions.

Prices throughout this guide are given for adults. Substantially reduced fees are almost always available for children, students, and senior citizens.

Credit Cards

Some small-town restaurants may not accept credit cards, but otherwise plastic is readily accepted at dining, lodging, shopping, and other facilities throughout the state. Minimum purchase amounts may apply.

Throughout this guide, we only mention credit cards when they are not accepted.

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