Upper Ogden Valley

Locals call it "the valley," as if it were the only valley in the world. It's sleepy and slow, and if it had sidewalks they'd roll them up early, but once you see the valley, anchored by Pineview Reservoir, surrounded by the spectacular Wasatch Mountains, and home to the quaint pioneer towns of Eden and Huntsville, you'll see why residents feel this way. With its world-class skiing, accessible water sports, great fishing, golf, climbing, hiking, biking, and camping, the Upper Ogden Valley is a recreation mecca still largely waiting to be discovered. East of the reservoir lies the village of Huntsville, which counts about 600 residents, one monastery, a couple of clay beaches, and the oldest saloons in the state. The 19th-century home of former LDS Church president David MacKay is the primary historical attraction.


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