Top Reasons to Go to Moab

Beauty from another world: There is simply nothing like the scenery here. Whether you’re visiting the national parks or exploring a remote trail on your own, it’s almost certain that the terra-cotta expanse of moonlike rock and open desert will affect you at your very core.

Get out and play: About the only outdoor activity not available here is surfing. Mountain and road biking, rafting, rock climbing, hiking, four-wheeling, and cross-country skiing are all wildly popular.

Creature comforts: Remote, southeastern Utah—and Moab, in particular—has an array of lodging and dining options, including elegant bistros, fancy hotels, and quaint bed-and-breakfasts.

Catch a festival: Especially in the spring and summer months, this area is chock-full of gatherings focused on art, music, and recreation.

Another state of being: Something about the openness of this desert creates a scrappy, friendly culture, in which time and money aren’t the main focus. Once that red sand gets in your blood, you might never leave.

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