Planning Your Time

Bryce Canyon in One Day

Begin your day at the visitor center to get an overview of the park and to purchase books and maps. Watch the 20-minute film and peruse exhibits about the natural and cultural history of Bryce Canyon. Then, drive to the historic Bryce Canyon Lodge. From here, stroll along the relaxing Rim Trail. If you have the time and stamina to walk into the amphitheater, the portion of the Rim Trail near the lodge gets you to the starting point for either of the park’s two essential hikes, the Navajo Loop Trail from Sunset Point or the Queen's Garden Trail that connects Sunset to Sunrise Point.

Afterward (or if you skip the hike), drive the 18-mile main park road, stopping at the overlooks along the way. Allowing for traffic, and if you stop at all 13 overlooks, this drive will take you between two and three hours.

If you have the time for more walking, a short, rolling hike along the Bristlecone Loop Trail at Rainbow Point rewards you with spectacular views and a cool walk through a forest of bristlecone pines. If you don't have time to drive the 18 miles to the end of the park, skip Bryce Canyon Lodge and drive 2 miles from the visitor center to Inspiration Point and then to the next overlook, Bryce Point.

End your day with sunset at Inspiration Point or dinner at Bryce Canyon Lodge. As you leave the park, stop at Ruby's Inn for American Indian jewelry, souvenirs for the kids, and groceries or snacks for the road.

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