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Three interstate highways converge in central San Antonio; I–35, which links San Antonio with Dallas and Austin to the north and Laredo and the Mexican border to the south; I–10, which connects San Antonio to Houston to the east and then veers northwest before heading to El Paso and the West Coast; and I–37, which connects San Antonio to Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico. A number of U.S. highways and Texas state roads also lead into the city, including U.S. 281 to the north and south and U.S. 90 to the east and west. Two other highways loop around the city; I–410 encircles the heart of San Antonio, and Texas Highway 1604 makes a wider circle that encompasses areas beyond the city limits.

In most cases, having a car in San Antonio is extremely helpful. Like most Texas cities, things are quite spread out. That being said, if you're focusing on the Riverwalk and the area immediately surrounding it, you'll probably want to park your car at your hotel and tackle sightseeing on foot (or via the Downtown streetcars,

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