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Amtrak's Lakeshore Limited service—connecting Cleveland with Boston, Chicago, New York, and points in between—debarks passengers between 2 and 3 am, depending on the direction from which travelers are inbound. Service on the Capitol Limited—connecting Cleveland with points between Chicago and Pittsburgh via bus because Amtrak does not offer rail service—is much the same.

Both trains offer a number of services, including sleeping cabins, a lounge car, and dining accoutrements. Smoking is allowed in designated areas—usually the lounge car—but on overnight trips only. Walking the train end-to-end can ease the length of the trip in from the East Coast.

Two round-trip tickets from Boston to Cleveland cost around $480. Inbound from Chicago, the trip will cost approximately $340. Amtrak runs continuous specials, so check the Web site for availability.

Train Lines

Amtrak. 216/696–5115;

Train Stations

Amtrak. 200 Memorial Shoreway NE, Cleveland, Ohio. 216/696-5115;

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