Room Mate Grace

125 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036, USA

In the heart of Times Square, this Lorenzo de Castillo-designed bed-and-breakfast style hotel offers a European sensibility with well laid-out rooms, eye-popping wallpaper and personalized concierge services more often found at grander resorts.


With nine varieties of rooms to choose from—of the 139 rooms in the 16-floor hotel only 2 are suites—this is a travelers’ (not a tourists’) hotel. Almost ironically, the hotel’s gold/black/silver color themes seem chosen to efface the building’s office life past. Rooms are snug, but thanks to the ceiling’s height and smartly furnished spaces (only a desk/table and a dresser accompany the bed), nothing feels cramped. That said, while fixtures are quality, many hang askew.

YOU SHOULD KNOW Perfect for family or friends trip, the hotel offers Triple and Quad rooms, complete with space-maximizing real-bed bunk beds (that are the opposite you had at camp).


New York famously has tiny bathrooms (a bathtub in the kitchen is not unheard of)—such is not the case here. Much of each room’s square footage is allocated to the what-else but subway-tiled bathrooms with rain showers, no-door latrines and large vanities offering Room Mate proprietary “Wabi Sabi” toiletries.


Brass lighting fixtures illuminate gold accent chairs and marble-topped tables (which both could use a wipe-down) in a lobby that appears almost as transient as the address itself. Don’t be deceived by the lobby’s hallway veneer—tucked behind the reception is the hotel’s pattern-explosion breakfast room and bar, as well as its infamous neon-lit cocktail pool.


There is a 3-foot-9 deep, blue and pink neon-lit dipping pool for drinking and hanging that's former life was a bit more notorious than it exists today. Word to the wise: kids sometimes swim in the AM but laps are forbidden.


With two treadmill and a rack of free weights, this gym is Spartan at best. But, there is a sauna reserved for guests.


Billed as a “bed-and-breakfast”-style hotel, only food offerings are a leisurely breakfast between 7 a.m. to noon. However, Times Square hardly lacks round-the-clock dining options.


Once infamous for its DJs-and-champagne-soaked poolside ragers, the hotel has now swapped these guest-complaining affairs in favor of cocktail and happy hour deals at its rebranded Aqua Bar, where that neon-lit pool is still the bar (that, yes, is also next to the Spartan “gym”).


Getting Around

Times Square so happens to the transport and billboard hub of Manhattan—nearly every train line passes through the 42nd Street stations, and connected to the main bus depot. Traffic no longer goes through the heart of the bright lights mecca, but taxis are hardly sparse commodities on the surrounding avenues.


The area serves mostly office workers during the day, but nevertheless landmark eateries exist in the Great White Way from Virgil’s Steakhouse (2 min walk, 5 minutes with crowds) and Junior’s Cheesecake (1 min walk), which have become New York institutions in their own right. Not too far afield is the 9th Avenue sprawl, a welcoming hodgepodge of great ethnic joints and gay bars making the main drag of Hell’s Kitchen anything but hellish.


44th Street was the site of the famous Algonquin Round Table literary cabal, and a few years back, the still-in-operation hotel reanimated its Blue Bar (2 mins walk) to its former glory complete with old-timey bartenders and newspaper-reading patrons. Certainly, however, their $22 martinis are not for all, and shots and wings are more the order, the hilariously themed bar, Point Break (2-minute walk) that’s only a few steps away from Room Mate Grace is always a surefire crowd pleaser.


In a city that not only doesn’t sleep, but when it does sleeps in a shoebox billed at a couple Gs, the Room Mate Grace offers quite a comfortable stay for an even more comfortable price. While the gold-and-black and shiny everything screams Goofy Euro, this mid-market boutique hotel puts a heavy emphasis on service. Text or What’sApp the concierge at any hour for a bar, restaurant or shopping recommendation. A free “MiFi” comes with guest privileges for international travelers who need their InstaStories Live. Unlimited breakfast goes rather late for most hotels and often early check-in is available. Oh, and the beds are just the right amount of firm after a long day of trekking through New York.


Business, Family, Trendy
Breakfast Yes
Lunch No
Dinner No
Bar Yes
Cafe No
Room Service No
Gym, Pool


Phones: 212-354-232

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