New Jersey Shore Top Reasons to Go

Victorian Cape May: Sea breezes in the state's southernmost town come with a hint of historic charm. Only San Francisco has more Victorian-era homes.

Birthplace of the Boardwalk: Skee-ball, doo-wop, and fist-pumping reality TV stars have defined boardwalks at different times. Before all of that, there was Atlantic City, home to the first, the longest, and, arguably, still the best.

Great Migrations: Sunbathers aren't the only ones who come in flocks. Cape May's marshlands attract countless birds in the spring and fall, making it one of the country's great birding destinations.

Entertainment by the Sea: Las Vegas is too far away. Indian casinos don't have the ocean backdrop. For luxurious new resorts, big-ticket performances, and gaming along the east coast, there's only Atlantic City.

Endless sand: Nearly 130 miles of white sand beaches. So why again do they call it the "Garden State"?

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