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St. Louis lies on the Mississippi River at the junction of I–70, I–55, and I–44, a 290-mile (5-hour) drive southwest of Chicago. From I–70, I–55, and I–44 follow the exits for downtown St. Louis. From U.S. 40 (I–64), exit at Broadway.

Broadway and Jefferson avenues are major north–south streets running through downtown. Washington Avenue runs east–west leading to the Eads Bridge. Wharf Line runs along the riverfront.

Car Rentals

Rates in St. Louis begin at around $30 a day and $180 a week. This does not include various taxes on car rentals, which total 10¼%.

You must be 21 to rent a car, and rates may be higher if you're under 25.

You'll pay extra for child seats (about $3 per day), which are compulsory for children under five, and for additional drivers (about $2 per day). Non-U.S. residents will need a reservation voucher, a passport, a driver's license, and a travel policy that covers each driver, when picking up a car.

At Home

Alamo. 800/327–9633; 020/8759–6200.

Avis. 800/331–1212; 800/879–2847; 02/9353–9000; 09/525–1982.

Budget. 800/527–0700; 0144/227–6266.

Dollar. 800/800–4000; 020/8897–0811; 02/9223–1444.

Hertz. 800/654–3131; 800/263–0600; 020/8897–2072; 02/9669–2444.

National. 800/227–7368; 0345/222525.


To drive in Missouri, you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's license.

Rules of the Road

Unless posted signs say otherwise, you may turn right on red anywhere in Missouri.

Missouri requires all front-seat occupants in cars and persons under 18 years of age operating or riding in a truck to wear safety belts. Children ages 4 to 16 must be secured in a safety belt. All kids under age 4 must be in a child safety seat. These laws include passengers in cars, trucks, vans, and buses manufactured with safety belts. They do not include taxi cabs and commercial buses. Missouri does not require motorcycle and bicycle riders to wear a helmet.

The speed limit on most Missouri interstates is 70 mph, except where posted in and around large cities. The speed limit on state highways is 65 mph, except where posted. Be sure to check speed limit signs carefully.

State Department of Motor Vehicles. For more information, contact the State Department of Motor Vehicles. 573/526–3669.

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