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The bus systems of both Louisville and Lexington are limited, and cabs are usually found only around hotels or airports. Traveling by car is the easiest and best way to get around both cities and the surrounding countryside. Downtown Lexington traffic always seems slow, so allow plenty of time to get to your destinations. Interstate traffic around Louisville gets heavy during the morning and evening commutes.

Several interstate highways converge in Kentucky, and automobile access to the central portion of the state is excellent. I-64 passes straight through the center of Bluegrass Country, running east to west. Access from north or south is along I-75, which intersects with I-64 at Lexington. Take I-64 exits 58 or 65 for access to horse country drives. Exits 113 and 115 on the merged I-64/75 will take you into downtown Lexington. I-64 passes through downtown Louisville; the 3rd Street exit (5C) gives the best access to downtown attractions.

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