2 Best Places to Shop in Road to Hana, Maui

Hasegawa General Store

Be sure to stop at Hana's charming, filled-to-the-rafters, one-stop shopping option. Built in 1910, the Hana institution isn't fancy, but it's one of Maui's oldest family-run businesses. Buy fishing tackle, beach towels, and a decent selection of groceries here. You also can buy the newspaper, although it may not always be delivered on time. Check out the bulletin board for local events.

Nahiku Marketplace

Six miles before you reach Hana, the biggest collection of activity that you'll see along the highway can be found at mile marker 29. Here visitors can grab a cup of coffee at the café, snag a plate from a variety of cuisines, shop for a few bags of coconut candy to take home, and peruse the small gift shop with trinkets, jewelry, and more. There are also portable restrooms and a couple of cute "I survived the Road to Hana" cutouts for a quick family pic.