Tip cabdrivers 15% of the fare. Standard tips for restaurants and bar tabs run from 15% to 20% of the bill, depending on the standard of service. Bellhops at hotels usually receive $1 per bag, more if you have bulky items such as bicycles and surfboards. Tip the hotel room maid $1 per night, paid daily. Tip doormen $1 for assistance with taxis; tips for concierges vary depending on the service. For example, tip more for "hard-to-get" event tickets or dining reservations.

For single-day guided activities like a boat trip to Napali, a zip-lining tour, or surf lessons, you should tip each guide at least $10–$20 if you feel he or she enhanced your experience. Often, the tour company takes the bulk of your booking price, and the locals who are sharing their alohas with you are depending on your tips.

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