Operating Hours

Walt Disney World operates 365 days a year. Opening and closing times vary by park and by season, with the longest hours during prime summer months and year-end holidays. The parking lots open at least an hour before the parks do.

In general, openings hover around 9 am, though certain attractions might not start up till 10 or 11. Closings range between 5 and 8 pm in the off-season and between 8 and 10, 11, or even midnight in high season. Downtown Disney and BoardWalk shops stay open as late as 11 pm.

Extra Magic Hours

The Extra Magic Hours program gives Disney resort guests free early and late-night admission to certain parks on specified days—check ahead (www.disneyworld.disney.go.com/calendars) for information about each park's "magic hours" days to plan your early- and late-visit strategies.

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