Hogsmeade Village

In Hogsmeade, the village that's the home of Hogwarts, you'll find the signature restaurant, Three Broomsticks, which serves traditional British fare (as well as an assortment of kids' meals), and the Hog's Head Pub, where you can down a pint of Butterbeer (tastes like cream soda, butterscotch, and shortbread cookies) or pumpkin juice (pumpkin, apple cider, and spices). The village is also a fantastic place to run errands and pick up sundries and pretend you're really in Harry Potter's world. Send a postcard or letter stamped with a novelty (and very real cancellation mark) at Owl Post before selecting (or being selected by) a magic wand at Ollivanders. If you can't get into Ollivanders due to the line, kiosks and small shops sell an impressive 25 different styles of wands at a profit-making price (about $30). Pick up some practical jokes (shrunken heads, extendable ears, screaming yo-yos) at Zonko's, and sample strange sweets at Honeydukes. But the best place to shop for Potterabilia is Dervish and Banges, where there are Hogwarts school uniforms, robes, scarves, T-shirts, and broomsticks—including the legendary Nimbus 2000. To explore even more of Harry’s favorite haunts, board the train to Universal Studios’ Diagon Alley. Much more than a train ride, it’s an experience.

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