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This Place Is Totally Obsessed With Key Lime Pie

From pie to cigars, where to find key lime everything in the Florida Keys.

A vacation through the Florida Keys naturally includes tasting a lot of key lime pie. But why limit yourself to pie when restaurants and creative entrepreneurs have added that mouth-puckering, slightly green tang to all sorts of souvenirs (edible and not)? From typical to unexpected, these treats all put the key lime (a smaller, rounder version of a normal lime) in the spotlight.

Fun fact: Key limes are no longer grown in the Florida Keys—the last orchards were wiped out by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Most key limes consumed in Florida are grown in California, Mexico, and Belize.

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Key Lime Pie Cigars

WHERE: Key West

Point Break Cigars is the only place in the U.S. that sells Key Lime Pie Cigars, so they keep it a secret just how they blend that tangy flavor with tobacco. The cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic in three sizes. The flavoring is added during one of the eight fermentation cycles.

INSIDER TIPPoint Break has three shops in Key West, including two on Duval Street.


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Key Lime Soap

WHERE: Key Largo

Located ocean side at Mile Marker 95.231, Key Lime Products carries just about everything imaginable with a key lime connection, as well as some wonderful Haitian art. However, the only product made onsite is the key lime soap, made by hand once a week by owner John McCarthy. It’s one of many bath and beauty products that will leave you with that citrus-y clean feeling.

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Key Lime Dog Treats

WHERE: Key West

Just a drop or two of double strength key lime juice from Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe added to oats, peanut butter, and wheat flour creates this special souvenir for your favorite pooch. In case you’re uncertain if your furry friend at home will enjoy it, Kermit’s friendly puppy named Pirate, “Pie” for short, is onhand in the shop and will gladly taste test the appeal of these unexpected key lime treats.

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Key Lime Cookie Mix

WHERE: Key Largo

Seven yummy kinds of cookies and shortbreads, all sporting that key lime zing, are among the many key lime-flavored products in this colorful shop on Key Largo. Thimble cookies, Moravian cookies, chocolate-covered shortbread cookies, powdery sugar cookies—there are enough options at Key Lime Products to put the Girl Scouts out of business.

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Key Lime Candy and Fudge

WHERE: Key West

As much fun to look at as they are to eat, Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe has a selection of hard and soft candies, as well as fudge and taffy, to appeal to your sweet tooth. Oil from the key lime peel is a perfect flavoring for many kinds of candy. Try them all and you may agree that the Key Lime Bark, which uses white chocolate, Georgia pecans, and crumbled key lime hard candy, is the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth.

INSIDER TIPThe fudge is made fresh in house several times a week.


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Key Lime Mango Poppy Salad Dressing

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe has two locations on Key West where samples are always available. Of the three salad dressings that Kermit has developed over the years, the most popular item is a Key Lime Mango Poppy Salad Dressing that can also be used for dipping or for marinades.

INSIDER TIPTaste test the salad dressing and other treats at Kermit’s Café Kitchen, next to Kermit’s original gift shop.


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Key Lime Martinis

WHERE: Key Largo

Few things go better with conch chowder or fresh yellowtail snapper than a Key Lime Martini. It’s one of the specialties at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, popular with locals and tourists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Key Largo. It’s a silky blend of Svedka Vanilla Vodka, key lime juice, and triple sec with a touch of cream served in a chilled glass with a graham cracker rim.

INSIDER TIPThe key lime pie here is also very good, served extremely cold with a sweet crust and no whipped cream.


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Key Lime Tarts

WHERE: Islamorada

Just as key lime pie is synonymous with the Florida Keys, so are spectacular sunsets. Combine them both with dinner at Pierre’s, a beautiful restaurant with massive porches facing the bay and the sunset. However, you’ll not be served a typical slice of key lime pie at Pierre’s. Here, the chef serves up individual key lime tarts that are smooth and tangy and just perfect for one.

INSIDER TIPWhile you’ll want to sit outside for the sunset, take plenty of time to look around inside at Pierre’s. The décor features numerous pieces of authentic Moroccan and Indian art from the 18th century.


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Key Lime Pie With Meringue

WHERE: Key West

The huge debate when it comes to key lime pie is whether it should be served with whipped cream or with meringue topping. The best argument for meringue is made at Blue Heaven, an eclectic, delightful outdoor café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and key lime pie all day long.

Humidity is a factor in making a proper meringue, but on good days, you’ll find about four inches of frothy sweetness toasted golden brown atop these pies.

INSIDER TIPTake a peek inside the bakery, where you can watch these and other pies under construction.


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Key Lime Pie With Whipped Cream

WHERE: Key West

The Stoned Crab boasts fresh, local seafood at a waterside location. So, it gets a little tricky when it comes to Key Lime Pie. Very few key limes are grown in Florida, so the chefs mix it up with a little Florida lime. You can count on everything being made fresh each morning, with locally-sourced ingredients, including the cream for the whipped cream piled high on top of the yummy pie. It’s a perfect combination of tartness and sweetness.

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