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Hotels That Serve Up the Best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys

Jill Martin | December 27, 2017

A little sweet, a little tart, key lime pie is a creamy blending of simple ingredients that, when executed correctly, creates a barefootin’ dance party for your taste buds. Egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and the juice of key limes are all that is needed to create the filling, but from there, creativity can elevate it into the stratosphere or leave you longing for simplicity.

This popular Keys' dessert was created in Key West in the late 1800s, but it wasn't declared Florida's official state pie until 2006! Want to know where to get a tasty slice of paradise in the Florida Keys? Here’s our list of hotels that serve the best key lime pie from Key Largo to Key West.


Amara Cay Resort

Why it made the list

Throw tradition out the window! Get a slice of tempura fried key lime pie at Sparrows, their poolside rum bar right on the Atlantic Ocean. They jazz it up even more with a bit of raspberry coulis and whipped cream. This rendition won’t be for everyone, but it scores points for originality and the crunchified goodness that offsets the rich and creamy center.

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Oceans Edge Key West Hotel & Marina

Why it made the list

This new resort on Stock Island serves a key lime pie that breaks from tradition with a rich and buttery chocolate cookie and almond crust, and a smooth, creamy top layer of homemade white chocolate whipped cream; it’s served up cold, ice cold, with a heavy drizzle of sweet raspberry sauce.

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Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina

Why it made the list

The hotel may have a new name (formerly the Westin) but their waterfront restaurant remains Bistro 245. Their pie, with its buttery graham cracker crust, is presented artfully with a trio of colorful fruit sauces, including passion fruit, fanned out to resemble a sunset. No merengue here, but if you need sweetness, just drag your fork through the sunset on your plate.

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Playa Largo Resort & Spa

Why it made the list

Officially called a ‘key lime tart’ on the menu at Sol by the Sea, their open-air bayfront restaurant, this frozen interpretation is unique in taste and appearance. Order it and you’ll get a nearly frozen, crustless square of key lime filling that’s sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, and set atop a swoosh of brûléed merengue. It’s definitely refreshing on a sultry evening.

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Sunset Key Cottages

Why it made the list

As if we didn’t already love Latitudes restaurant for its romantic setting and Key West sunsets, their key lime pie is a true classic. Authentic in every way, from the abundant graham cracker crust to the soft yellow hue of the velvety filling (key lime pie must be soft yellow in color or it’s not key lime pie!). Fluffy peaks of sugary toasted merengue melt on your tongue.

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The Oceanview Inn & Sports Pub

Why it made the list

It is a combination made in dessert heaven--luscious key lime and rich chocolate. Imagine a slice of creamy key lime pie with a graham cracker crust. Now, imagine it completely ensconced in a thick layer of chocolate, and served frozen on a stick. Say what? It’s fun, a little messy, and oh my, it is tasty! It’s also worth every single calorie and then some.

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Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

Why it made the list

Their version is worth a trip by boat or seaplane (as that's the only way you can get here to taste it). The crust is buttery with finely chopped cashews for nice texture, the filling is extra creamy and perfectly set, and the topping puts it into a category by itself. It's not merengue, it's topped with a smooth layer of homemade whipped cream with the addition of fresh orange zest.

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Pier House Resort and Spa

Why it made the list

Mile High Key Lime Pie… need we say more? This award winning dessert is made in-house by the resort’s chef, Maria Manso, using the same recipe that has been used since the 1970’s. The filling is straight up tradition but it’s the topping that creates a spectacle--puffy, toasted merengue piled way up high--make that mile high.

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Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Why it made the list

Love at first bite. Their signature key lime pie has a filling that’s silky sweet with the right amount of tang, and the coconut infused whipped cream adds an extra level of tropical flavor. It’s garnished with a fresh coconut slice and just hint of raspberry coulis on the side. For a unique treat, try the house-made key lime cannoli at Limoncello, their rustic Italian restaurant. Yes, you can get one to go (and you definitely should).

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Ocean Key Resort & Spa

Why it made the list

Their onsite restaurant, Hot Tin Roof Known, is coveted for its waterfront dining and location at the end of Duval Street, but it’s their award-winning key lime pie that guests can’t get enough of. Not to give away secrets, but Executive Chef Scott Maurer uses cashews in the crust and even splits vanilla beans for the whipped cream. Before you dig in, get a photo as you may never see another cinnamon-stenciled coconut palm tree.

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