Bohemian Hotel Celebration

700 Bloom St., Celebration, Florida 34747, USA

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor

Like everything in the Disney-created town of Celebration, this lakeside boutique hotel in the middle of the village borrows from the architecture and style of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Art is at the heart of the hotel’s design, and eclecticism rules. Even though it's less than a mile from the U.S. 192 tourist strip in Kissimmee, the hotel has serene surroundings, and the restaurants, shops, cinema, and more in downtown Celebration are a pleasant stroll away.

YOU SHOULD KNOW If you are not a Disney theme park fan, you are in the wrong place. The village vibe is definitely one that requires you to believe in magic, or at least be willing to suspend any knowledge of the world outside. If the charm begins to cloy, just a few minutes’ drive away lies the raucous and rowdy entertainment area called Old Town Kissimmee. Don’t confuse this with the real Downtown Kissimmee, a few miles to the southeast, which is actually an interesting and authentic slice of Old Florida.


Rooms have refined, island-style furniture, plasma-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. Many have lake views, allowing for glimpses of authentic flora and fauna, including ibis, egrets, turtles, and perhaps the occasional alligator.


Standard bathrooms, but they come with exclusive Bohemian Essence products for the bath, scented with green tea, and packaged in rich red and gold bottles.


The intimate and welcoming lobby features pale, gold-splashed seating, an Italian glass chandelier, and lake views.

The hotel charges $16 a day for parking, $23 if you let the valets do it.


No spa on-site, but the hotel will make arrangements with and provide transportation to the Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health, and will provide in-room treatments by appointment.


No fitness center on-site, but the hotel provides transportation to nearby Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health.


Food from the casual Lakeside Bar & Grill can be served in the bar, on the terrace overlooking the lake, or in your room.


Lakeside Bar & Grill has a lounge that offers cocktails, wine, beer, and live music.


Getting Around

Centrally located in the Disney-planned village of Celebration, the hotel offers relaxing strolls around the lake and through the streets, taking in the manufactured charm of idealized American architectural heritage. Around town, rental bikes and golf carts make touring the village itself a breeze. Public transport is scarce, and while the hotel offers free shuttles to Celebration Golf, there are no shuttles to or from Disney. Your best bet is to rent a car or opt for an Uber or a taxi.


In the center of the downtown area you’ll find one quite authentic, and very popular, Florida landmark: Columbia Restaurant. One of seven Columbia restaurants in the state, all still owned by the original family who emigrated from Cuba to Tampa in the early part of the 20th century, this version offers all the Cuban food and ambiance you would want. The house Mojito is the perfect antidote to a hot summer day.


The Celebration Town Tavern offers a wide selection of beers, and big-screen TVs if you have to check on your favorite team. Imperium Food & Wine's menu includes international wine pairings; 360 American Bistro's menu reflects the area's diversity of cultures in food and drink.


If you like the escape factor of surrounding yourself with make-believe, staying at the Bohemian in Celebration is much like living at the Magic Kingdom, what with the “Main Street” architecture and eclectic design. The lake-side terrace offers a peaceful escape, along with glimpses of Florida wildlife.




Phones: 407-566–6000;888-249–4007

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