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Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is the major airport in the region, with more than a dozen nonstop destinations. Most south central residents south of Colorado Springs drive to this city to fly out.

Alternatively, you can choose to fly to Denver International Airport (DEN), which has a lot more nonstop flights from other major cities to Colorado. It's a 70-mile drive from Denver to the Springs, but during rush hour it might take a solid two hours, whether you're in your own car or in one of the Denver–Colorado Springs shuttles. It’s fastest to take the E–470 toll road. Another option is Pueblo Memorial Airport (PUB), which has direct flights to Denver on United, Delta, and American Airlines.

Airport Contacts

Colorado Springs Airport (COS). 719/550–1900;

Denver International Airport (DEN). 303/342–2000; 800/247–2336;

Pueblo Memorial Airport (PUB). 719/553–2760;

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