Top Reasons to Go to Mojave Desert

Nostalgia: Old neon signs, historic motels, and restored (or neglected but still striking) rail stations abound across this desert landscape. Don't miss the classic eateries along the way, including Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe in Victorville.

Great ghost towns: California's gold rush brought miners to the Mojave, and the towns they left behind have their own unique charms.

Desert flora and fauna: Explore the Mojave National Preserve to view Joshua trees, volcanic cinder cones, huge sand dunes, desert tortoises, and other natural wonders. Combine a visit to the Mojave with one to Death Valley to experience still more of the region's unique desert terrain.

Explore ancient history: The Mojave Desert is replete with rare petroglyphs, some dating back almost 16,000 years.

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