Cabs are a fine choice for trips to and from the airport and short jaunts around town. The approximate rates are: $2.80 for the first 1/10 mile, $3 each additional mile, and $24 per hour of waiting time. You can find taxi stands at the airport, hotels, major attractions, and shopping centers. Downtown, your best bet is to flag one down.

If you are heading to the airport from a hotel, ask about the flat rate, which varies according to destination; otherwise you'll be charged by the mile (which works out to $20 or so from any Downtown location). Taxi stands are at shopping centers and hotels; otherwise you must call and reserve a cab.


These pedal-powered tricycles with a rear passenger area are a great way to get around Downtown. Just be sure to agree on a price before you start moving, or you could get taken for the wrong kind of ride.

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