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Embrace another era. Los Angeles is filled with historic buildings, and the bars inside them are using this as a selling point, creating truly interesting locations that can transport you to another time and place. Places like Cole's and Musso & Frank have long and interesting stories to tell, and upstarts like the Edison are aiming to re-create a bygone era, all of which adds up to an enjoyable drinking experience.

Drink in the scenery. The wonderful weather in Los Angeles makes for enjoyable nights outdoors, with plenty of spots offering rooftop pools or open-air patios where you can enjoy a cocktail: The Standard or the Ace Hotel in Downtown, or Yamashiro in Hollywood, to name a few.

Rock (or laugh) the night away. Los Angeles is the town that most wannabe entertainers run to so they can "make it," and you'd be missing out if you didn't try a rock show or comedy night while you’re in town. Big-name performers command high ticket prices, but it's easy to find less expensive shows with up-and-coming acts. On Monday nights, the Satellite in Silverlake hosts monthlong residencies featuring performances by new artists, free of charge.

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