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5-Star Stoner: The Most Upscale Ways to Get High in LA

What do tasting menus, high teas, and yoga have in common? You can bet baked doing all of them in Los Angeles.

Marijuana has come a long way since legalization. So for stoners who’ve been looking for a slightly more bougie way to get baked, we’ve put together this guide to Los Angeles’ upscale pot scene. Be prepared to dress up, shell out, and bring your ID. Most of these activities are restricted to over-21-year-olds who currently live in California. But for out of towners who want to indulge, there are other options in the list.

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Get High on Fine Dining at a Cannabis Supper Club

Maybe it’s a coincidence that one of the world’s best restaurant cities found a way to get some of the world’s best weed. But chefs have known for years that haute cuisine and getting high go really well together, and the city’s chef-driven cannabis supper clubs have become so popular that even Jonothan Gold has given them a try.

One of the best supper clubs in town is Pop Cultivate, run by scientist-turned-chef Chris Yang. His multi-course dinners feature experimental dishes and intricate plating worthy of Chef’s Table with marijuana-infused into the flavor profile of the food.

INSIDER TIPJust how high will you get? Chefs carefully monitor the amount of marijuana in each dinner. Most max out at around 50 mg total from appetizer to dessert, about the quantity of a good weed brownie.


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Take a Cannabis Cooking Class

Brownies are a traditional delivery method, but if you don’t want a sugar high every time you get, well, high, chefs like LA’s Chicks With Knives hold cannabis cooking class that teach you how to make real food that will give you a buzz.

Available in public or private classes, they teach the right way to cook with cannabis to make dishes like the good stuff you can find on their Instagram page.

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Have a Pot Power Lunch

If you’re just visiting Los Angeles, you can still enjoy some parts of marijuana without a California State ID thanks to CBD. CBD is the part of marijuana that chills you out without the trippy “stoney” effects of marijuana’s other component THC, and several restaurants and bars in LA have been adding it to the menu for a mood-altering meal.

Spring in downtown Los Angeles is famous for their CBD Power Lunches  designed to send your day in different directions based on your selection. Have carrot-ginger soup to support calm, or bittersweet chocolate ganache with lemon honey sorbet that promotes bliss.

If liquid lunch is more your thing, they offer an extensive list of drinks that pair well with a shot of CBD (for around $5) that will not only mellow you out but decrease chances of a hangover.

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Consult With a Pot "Genius" at the Apple Store of Marijuana

As marijuana has become big business, the first marijuana franchises are popping up, and the high-end chain Med Men is the brand poised to be as ubiquitous (you can even find one on 5th Avenue) and iconic as Steve Jobs’.

These brick and mortar stores are also famous for their “geniuses” that can field any type of pot question–from “I need a lotion that will soothe my muscles after pilates” to “I need a vape pen that doesn’t smell like pot so I can keep my toking incognito”–and direct you to one (or several) products that fit your needs, beautifully displayed inside a backlit glass case.

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Attend a Cannabis Tasting

A cannabis tasting is just like a wine tasting, but instead of whites and reds, there are indicas and sativas.

Grass Fed Los Angeles‘ curated cannabis events feature a vape bar for sampling flower strains and other herbs plus edibles that do more than give you a buzz. But their Taste Buds Event, “focuses on the taste and aroma of hand-picked terpenes, and will explore the relationship between our sense of smell, taste, and memories they form.”

To keep up with all of the events they throw–from burlesque to comedy to magic shows–keep up with their Instagram page.

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Elevate Your Yoga Practice

For people into the spiritual aspects of yoga and marijuana, there are several studios in the city where these two types of zen meet.

Los Angeles’ Lit Yoga holds regular classes, each of which begins with a tea ceremony and a few shared joints designed to help you get deeper into your flow.

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Buy Name-Brand Mary Jane

Alternative Herbal Health Services is the dispensary which inspired the Netflix show Disjointed. And now they specialize in selling Netflix-branded weed.

Customers can try strains like Banana Stand Kush, inspired by Arrested Development; Poussey Riot, inspired by Orange is the New Black; or Sassafrass OG, inspired by Lady Dynamite.

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Have a White Rabbit High Tea

For a fun-filled trip down the rabbit hole where costumes are welcome, there’s White Rabbit High Teas.

These whimsical gatherings feature all of the decadent nibbles and decor find at a traditional high tea with enough THC to make the tea extra refreshing.

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Spend an Afternoon at a Marijuana Salon

Sometimes, marijuana is series business. In Los Angeles, there are also social smoking scenes, like Cannabis Feminist, a holistic lifestyle marijuana collective focused on “transforming cannabis into a medicine + empowering women to lead the industry.”

This collective hosts periodic salons where women gather to discuss topics that range from using marijuana to increase your mojo to tips on eating mangoes to make euphoria last longer (a discussion you can catch on their episode of Queens of the Stoned Age).

For those not in Los Angeles, Cannabis Feminist also has a lifestyle website with articles like Microdosing to Manifest Finding My Soulmate at Burning Man, recipes like CBD Carrot Sunflower Pate Recipe, and products like herbal “moods” to sprinkle on cannabis to curate your experience.

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Throw Yourself a Cannabis Event

If you don’t live in The Golden State, you may have spotted Merry Jane’s cannabis events at Art Basel, South by Southwest, or other events where they feature legal CBD products and a marijuana experience for states that have yet to legalize. In Los Angeles, Merry Jane can be spotted providing bud bars at Diplo and Calvin Harris’ party or bringing cannabis-infused cotton candy to Miley Cyrus’ birthday bash.

If you have the cash, they’ll bring the bud to your own private party to elevate your event.

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