Pack casual clothing and resort wear for a trip to Arizona; how many layers you bring depends on what time of year you visit and where you plan to go. Stay cool in the intense desert heat of Southern Arizona with cotton fabrics and light colors. T-shirts, polo shirts, sundresses, and lightweight shorts, trousers, skirts, and blouses are useful year-round in all but the higher-elevation parts of the state, where cooler temperatures mandate warmer garb. Pack a sweater for chilly desert nights during the winter. Bring sun hats, swimsuits, sandals, and sunscreen—essential warm-weather items. Bring warm layers, including sweaters and a warm jacket, November through April in the high country—anywhere around Flagstaff, at the Grand Canyon, and in the White Mountains. And don't forget jeans and sneakers or sturdy walking shoes year-round.

Shipping Sporting Equipment

If you're driving here, lugging your gear isn't much of a hassle. But travelers arriving by plane may find hauling bags of golf clubs or mountain bikes a bit daunting. Luggage Forward specializes in shipping gear door-to-door. The service isn't cheap, but it’s highly reliable and convenient.

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