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Traveling by bus in Alaska can be more economical than traveling by train or by air, but don't count on it being your main mode of travel. Always confirm your trip via phone, as schedules often change at the last minute. Keep in mind that buses aren't an option in most of Southeast Alaska.

Greyhound Canada Transportation Corp. serves Vancouver, with service as far north as Whitehorse in the Canadian Yukon. Two companies provide onward bus service into Southcentral and Interior Alaska from Whitehorse. Interior Alaska Bus Line operates year-round van service connecting Anchorage and Fairbanks with Glennallen, Delta Junction, and Tok in Alaska. Alaska/Yukon Trails provides bus service between Anchorage and Fairbanks, and connecting Fairbanks with Dawson City and Whitehorse in the Yukon.

Denali Overland Transportation has frequent van service in summer between Anchorage, Talkeetna, and Denali National Park and Preserve, catering especially to mountain climbers. The Alaska Park Connection has summertime bus service between Seward and Anchorage, continuing north to Denali. Stage Line provides service connecting Anchorage and Seward with Homer. Open-minded travelers looking for something a bit different should look into riding on the Green Tortoise, a group tour bus that emphasizes community building during travel. Departure points include Juneau, Anchorage, and—for particularly hardy souls—cities outside Alaska, including San Francisco and Seattle.

Quick Shuttle buses run between Vancouver and Seattle. Many bus lines—particularly those heading to Denali—either require or strongly recommend reservations. Accepted forms of payment vary among bus companies, but most accept at least some major credit cards.

Bus Information

Alaska Park Connection. Alaska. 800/266–8625; www.alaskacoach.com.

Alaska/Yukon Trails. Alaska. 907/479–2277; www.alaskashuttle.com.

Denali Overland Transportation. Alaska. 907/733–2384; www.denalioverland.com.

Green Tortoise. Alaska. 415/956–7500; 800/867–8647; www.greentortoise.com.

Greyhound Canada Transportation Corp.. 800/661–8747; www.greyhound.ca.

Interior Alaska Bus Line. Alaska. 800/770–6652; www.interioralaskabusline.com.

Quick Shuttle. Alaska. 604/940–4428; 800/665–2122; www.quickcoach.com.

Stage Line. Alaska. 907/235–2252; www.stagelineinhomer.com.

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