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Alaska Airlines flies within the state to most major communities. Pen Air, Ravn Alaska, Yute Air, Wright Air Service, and Grant Aviation serve the smaller communities on the Alaskan Peninsula, the Aleutian and Pribilof islands, and parts of the Arctic, Interior, and northwest.

Bush-based carriers such as Bering Air also offer flightseeing tours and, weather and politics permitting, specially arranged charter flights to the Provideniya Airport in the Chukotka Region, on the Siberian coast across the Bering Strait. Currently, it is mandatory for Americans to obtain a visa, migration card, and permission to go to Russia in advance of travel—this can take time, so plan ahead. Applications for visas are available up to 90 days before travel. The process starts at $140 with an additional per-visa cost of $30 and can take 20 business days. The Consulate General of the Russian Federation recommends working through a Russia-sponsored travel agent to secure a travel visa.

Information about certified air-taxi operations is available from the Federal Aviation Administration. Individual parks and Alaska Public Lands Information centers can also supply lists of reputable air-taxi services. Make your reservations in advance, and always plan for the unexpected; weather often delays a scheduled pickup for days.

Air Contacts

Alaska Airlines. 800/252–7522;

Bering Air. 907/443–5464; 800/478–5422; 907/443–8988;

Federal Aviation Administration. 907/271–5438;

Grant Aviation. 888/359–4726;

Pen Air. 907/771–2640; 800/448–4226; 907/771–2599;

Ravn Alaska. 907/266–8394; 800/866–8394;

Wright Air Service. 907/474–0502; 907/474–0542;

Yute Air. 907/543–3003; 800/416–4198; 907/342–3010; 907/543–3030;

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