Health and Safety

Though most areas populated by tourists are safe to wander, Anchorage is a city, so it's best just to stay aware as you walk around town. That definitely holds true if you choose to hike any local trails—even those within the city limits. Before Anchorage was a paved city, it was wild. Most locals have stories of surprise visits by a moose or bear during a morning bathrobe run to get the newspaper. Moose and other animals walk the trails, too. As you walk along, make some noise, either by singing or talking to a friend to help ward off the animals. The award for the biggest pest of all goes to the unofficial state bird, the mosquito. Bring mosquito repellent with you for all hiking excursions.

Alaska Regional Hospital. 2801 DeBarr Rd., East Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, 99508. 907/276–1131;

Physician Referral Service. Anchorage, Alaska. 888/254–7884; 907/212–2945.

Police, fire, and ambulance. 911.

Providence Alaska Medical Center. 3200 Providence Dr., East Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, 99508. 907/562–2211;

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